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Way Industries is a production company with more than 50 years experience in the field of production and assembly of civil and military vehicles and related services (maintenance, repairs, upgrades, spare parts and after sales service).


With offices in Europe, Asia nad Africa we offer our customers unique products and services under strict quality rules.


Our team of engineers and researchers is constantly developing new solutions to meet our customers needs.



SAMEL-90 has got а significant experience as а sub-contractor for а number of companies in the following activities and services:


Electronic products assembly and testing, including SMD assembly line

Machining and metal pressing;

Production of precise mechanical parts;

Aluminum casting

Plastic and rubber parts production

Design and manufacture of tools

Design and manufacture of ferrite and Piezo-ceramic parts

Galvanic coating and lacquering.


Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies

At the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydroaerodynamics Centre (IMSETHC)

are created three limited liability companies:

Company Hi-Tech IMS Ltd. to carry out:

  Transfer of special and civil production with possible dual-use

  Transfer of Technology, know-how, high tech equipment and systems


  Contractor mediation in relation to applied research and innovation of IMSETHC

The Company has full license to trade in special production.



Drew Defense is a world-renowned specialist of pyrotechnic products for signaling and illumination as well as training and simulation. Since more than five decades provider of leading edge technology in mine field breaching systems and state of the art gas pressure generators, both for civil and military application.



The range of products for training and simulation cover battle field and weapon effects. These form an integral part in either force on force or force on target training. The amount of realism paired with the highest level of safety during usage is unprecedented.

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